FAQ The Christmas market 2022


The Christmas market at Hägnan 2022

What are the opening hours of the Christmas market?
The market is open between 12:00-16:00, December 3rd-4th

What is the entrance fee and how do I buy an entrance ticket?
The entrance fee is 30 SEK if pre-purchased your ticket online, 50 SEK per person on site. Admission tickets can be purchased at our website from November 25 until the day before the market. We recommend that you pre-purchase your ticket, we have limited number of tickets. Tickets at the entrance only subject to availability, you can pay with Swish, card and cash.

When do you close the pre-sale of the entrance tickets?
The pre-sale to Saturdays market closes at Friday, midnight. The pre-sale to Sundays market closes at Saturday, midnight.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the entrance ticket?
If you have problems with the online booking or other questions about the entrance ticket you can contact us at hagnan@lulea.se. The online booking starts on November 25.

What is included in the entrance fee?
The ticket includes entry to an old-fashioned Christmas market with carefully selected exhibitors, free fairytale walks for children, Christmas music, old Christmas preparations in Storgården, meetings with Santa and Mrs. Santa, Santa´s reindeer, the Christmas pigs and more.

Can I pay with Cash/Euro/Card/Swish at the market?
All exhibitors choose their own payment methods. Many take Card and Swish,
the ability to receive foreign currency is up to each individual exhibitor.

Do support-companions enter for free during the Christmas market?
Yes they do, please contact hagnan@lulea.se before the visit for a ticket.

Can groups buy entrance tickets?
Yes, please contact hagnan@lulea.se for more information.

Where are Santa and the reindeer?
Santa and Mrs. Santa are available at Peri-Hanschagården, where they collect wishing lists and greet children. Santa´s reindeer can be found near the yellow dance floor, when they´re are not walking around the area.

Where is the horse and sleigh?
The horse and sleigh ride starts (only in case of snow) by the country shop magazine, next to the country shop and costs 40 SEK per person.

Where is the start of the fairytale walk?
The fairytale walk starts outside Storgården at 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00 pm and is free of charge. The walk is suitable for children from 3 years. Only in swedish.

Are dogs allowed at the premises?
Leashed dogs are allowed on the grounds but not indoors or in our outbuildings.

Where is the nearest ATM?
The nearest ATM is in the center of Stadsön, it’s not possible to exchange money in the market area. There is no ATM in the church town.

Where are the toilets?
We have several toilets for visitors on the museum grounds. You can find them at Hägnan's staff house, the Country Shop and café Fägnan.

Can I buy food at the Christmas market?
Café Fägnan servs coffee and pastry at the café and at some other places on the museum grounds.

Can I heat baby food somewhere?
No, unfortunately we do not have the ability to offer that kind of service.

Can I warm up somewhere?
No, most of the market take place outdoors so put on warm clothes.

Are there parking facilities and how much does it cost?
Hägnan has parking areas for visitors with a limited number of spaces. The parking fee is 20 SEK per vehicle. We recommend that you to take the local bus to Gammelstad.

Can I take a bus to the market?
Yes, you can take bus number 9. During the market weekend the bus stops at Sandåkersvägen. You can also take bus number 1 or 2 to Stadsö Centrum but then there is a 15-20 min walk to the Christmas market at Hägnan.

Why do we have a parking fee?
We need parking attendants to control where visitors park, so that as many as possible can park. They also ensure that emergency vehicles can arrive in case of accidents, ensures that visitors don´t park in front of another vehicle. The revenue for the parking fees goes to the association that manages the parking.

Is the area disabled friendly?
The area is accessible for prams and wheelchairs but in bad weather the accessibility may be limited. We have ramps to our museum buildings but not to all outbuildings.

How do you work to reduce congestion?
We have adjusted some placements and activities to get a better flow and reduced the number of visitors that have the opportunity to visit the Christmas market.

Why have Hägnan limited the number of visitors during the Christmas market?
We want our visitors to have the best experience possible, we want it to be safe and we want our visitors to get the best service possible from our staff. Therefor we have a restriction on the number of visitors this year.

Why is the croft closed during the Christmas market?
We are renovation our croft for the future and hope to reopen the summer of 2023.