Guided Christmas tour at Hägnan

”Atmospheric and exciting in the footsteps of history”

How was Christmas celebrated in the past? What exactly was a Christmas gift and how did our Swedish Santa Claus come to be? You will have the opportunity learn that, in the glow of candles and torches, during this Christmas tour.

The Christmas atmosphere is at its peak when we visit the open-air museum’s courtyards and buildings. We talk about how Christmas was celebrated with a poor crofter in the 1780s and what the same holiday looked like for a rich peasant farmer.

During the tour, you will also learn interesting things about old Christmas traditions. For example why it was important to have Christmas crosses in the windows. We also talk about how our modern Santa Claus is connected to the grumpy Santa Claus and the generous bishop Nikolaus.

During the tour, we concentrate on what the Christmas celebration looked like in northern Sweden and what was special during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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15 December 2022 15.00


Friluftsmuseet Hägnan


Aktivitet Boka online


100 sek/person