FAQ for exhibitors at Hägnan's Christmas market

When can I book a market stall/table?

The online booking opens on October 30th at 10:00 am.

How do I book a market stall/table from October 30th?
Go to "Booking" in the overhead meny on the website and scroll down to the booking of marketspaces to Hägnan's Christmas market. The available stalls and tables are marked with blue icons on the map that appears, choose the space you would like to book and complete the booking. Payment is required to finish the booking.

What kind of market spaces can I choose between?
You can choose between outdoor sites with or without electricity and and indoor sites with some access to electricity. Most of the indoor spaces are located in outbuildings without heating systems, so keep in mind that it can be cold there as well.

What do I do if I need help with my booking?
E-mail us at hagnan@lulea.se

Can I book a market stall/table for only one of the days?
No, you are required to participate both days.

How do I know which place I got?
You will find the number of your marketspace in the booking confirmation and on the map on our website, where you made the booking.

How do I find my stall/table on the first day?
Our hosts on location will help you. There will aslo be maps on the area, with all the numbers marked.

Can I bring my own market stall/table?
No, you can only use the one assigned to you by the museum.

How big is my market stall/table?
The marketstalls are 200*80 cm unless otherwise is stated during the booking.

When can I check in and set up my things?
Our check in opens December 9th at 8:00 am and lasts until 11:30 am. The marketstalls must be ready for visitors 15 minutes before the market opens.

Can I drop off items to my market stall/table before the check in starts?
If you have booked an indoor location, shorter deliveries can be done on Friday December 8th between 1 pm-4 pm. It is however not permitted to set up marketstalls during this time. Send your request for an early delivery to hagnan@lulea.se

Are cars allowed on the area?
Parking your car on the area is not permitted. Driving on the area is only allowed for unloading and loading of goods (only short stops), no later than 60 minutes before opening and no earlier than 15 minutes after closing.

Where can I park my car as an exhibitor?
Parking spaces for exhibitors are available on the parking lot behind Kafé Fägnan.

Must I pay a parking fee as an exhibitor?
No, inform the parking attendants that you are an exhibitor when you arrive.

Which products can I sell as an exhibitor?
Hägnan's Christmas market is an old-fashioned market where synthetic and plastic materials are to be avoided. Self-produced and small-scaled produced handicrafts, prepackaged food products, delicacies and home baked goods are premitted.

Which products am I not allowed to sell?
It's not allowed to sell mass-produced products or food for immediate consumption.

Is it allowed to bring your own tents, tables and clothing racks?
No, it's not allowed due to lack of space (also to ensure that it's equal space for everyone). If you need more space you must book two market stalls/tables.

What signage is premitted as an exhibitor?
Smaller signage on your own market stall/table is premitted. The use of large signs and signage in other places in the market area are not premitted.

Is it allowed to sell goods in other places than by the marketstall?
No, it's not premitted.

Is it allowed to share a market stall/table with another exhibitor?
Yes, if joint goods can be accomodated on the market stall/table. The person who made the booking is responsible for making sure that our booking conditions are followed and that no rules are broken.

How can I decorate my market stall/table?
Hägnan's Christmas market is an old-fashioned market, which means that it is important that the market stalls blend in with the environment. Headlights, colored lights or flashing lights are therefore not premitted. Discreet product protection against rain or snow (for those placed outdoors) are premitted.

Are heaters allowed?
No, heaters and fire baskets are not allowed. Remember to dress warmly and feel free to bring something hot to drink with you.

What sources of light are allowed at the market?
Due to the fire hazard and the sensitive cultural environment, light sources with an open flame such as candles and kerosene lamps are not allowed. Discreet, uncolored battery-operated lights and lamps (or electricity if you have booked a stall/table with electricity) are allowed.

How can I charge customers?
You can choose payment method. A tip is to offer payment by Swish and payment by card for foreign visitors and everyone that don't have Swish.

What do I do if I need to stock up on goods during the market's opening hours?
You can pick up your goods by foot or with a cart, driving is not premitted during the market's opening hours. Large "warehouses" behind or next to the market stalls are not allowed.

What do I do if I run out of goods before the end of the weekend?
Inform Hägnan by sending an e-mail to hagnan@lulea.se. Keep in mind that the market has many visitors and that you need to bring a lot of products.

Can I leave my goods on the marketstall until the next day?
Yes, if you have booked an indoor location where the building is locked during the night. If you have booked a market stall/table outside it's nor premitted.

Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, e-mail hagnan@lulea.se before November 25th for a full refund. No refunds after that will be made unless you have a valid medical certificate.

Will there be a separate toilet for exhibitors?
Yes, there will be a separate toilet for exhibitors on the market area.

Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is only permitted outdoors on the market area. It's not allowed indoors and in connection with buildings, activities, food stations, coffee stations and market stalls.

Who do I contact for other questions about the market?
E-mail hagnan@lulea.se