For exhibitors at the Christmas market

For exhibitors at the Christmas market

This year's Christmas market at the open-air museum Hägnan is held December 9th-10th, 12 pm-4 pm. The market is set in a traditional, old-fashioned environment where focus lies on handicraft items. We welcome you who sell handicraft items, books, packaged homemade food products, baked delicasies and similar.


FAQ for exhibitors
Terms and conditions

Criterias for the products sold on the market

You can sell self-produced handicraft items, packaged homemade food products and baked delicacies. Serving food or drinks for immediate consumption is not allowed. Tasting of food products can be allowed in some cases. Since Hägnan's Christmas market is set in an old-fashioned environment, plastic materials and synthetic materials are to be avoided. It’s not permitted to book a market space for spreading information about societies, organizations or political parties. The open-air museum Hägnan has the right to cancel bookings from exhibitors that do not meet these requirements.We have a limited number of market spaces so make sure to book your market stall/table in good time.

Information about the market stalls/tables

You can book a market space outdoors or in cold outbuildings, with or without electricity. We provide the market stalls and the market tables. A market space with electricity costs 800 SEK for two days and without electricity 700 SEK. You can only book both days, so you must attend the entire market weekend. We also have a three larger market spaces that costs 1000 SEK. You must bring your own splice cord and lights for your stall/table (more information on what's allowed and not when it comes to lights for your table, see terms and conditions below).

If you have questions about the market spaces you can e-mail us at