Terms and conditions

Booking and payment
The full fee is paid in advance. You accept our terms and conditions when you complete the booking. A confirmation will be sent to you after you’ve finished your booking, read through it carefully and make sure that everything is correct. The booking is binding. You can pay with card or Swish. The open-air museum Hägnan has the right to move market spaces if necessary.

You can cancel your booking by sending an e-mail to hagnan@lulea.se. No refunds will be made for cancellations less than 14 days before the first market day, unless you have a valid medical certificate. You cannot cancel a booking in someone else’s name. The open-air museum Hägnan has the right to cancel your booking if you don’t meet our product requirement for the market.

Product requirements
You can sell self-produced handicraft products and art products in different forms. Food products such as home baked bread, cookies, honey, jams, pastries and similar are allowed if packaged. The Christmas market is set in an old-fashioned environment, where plastic and synthetic materials are to be avoided. Plastic wrappings are however allowed for food products. You are not allowed to cook or serve food and drinks. In some cases, small food samples for testing are allowed. It’s not permitted to book a market space for spreading information about societies, organizations or political parties. The open-air museum Hägnan has the right to cancel bookings from exhibitors that do not meet these requirements.

Check in and check out
The check in starts at 8:00 am on the first day of the market. The market stall/table must be emptied and cleaned no later than 6:00 pm on the last day of the market. Short deliveries are allowed on Friday December 8th from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm, if you have an indoor market space. You cannot set up your market stall/table that day. Please observe that all market stalls must be ready for customers no later than 15 minutes before opening each market day. It is not allowed to drive or park your car on the area, cars are only allowed for loading and unloading products (only shorter stops) no later than 60 minutes before opening and no earlier than 15 minutes after closing. It’s important that you respect the timetable since cars are prohibited on the area and not allowed on the grounds during the market.

Rules of procedure
Since the Christmas market is set on museum grounds, special consideration must be shown by you as an exhibitor. Nails, thumbtacks and similar are not to be put on walls inside our buildings. You are responsible for any damages done to the property caused by you or someone in your party. Your booking will be cancelled immediately if you or someone in your party purposely damages the property or behaves disturbingly.

Think about the fire hazard. Candles and light sources with an open flame are prohibited, as well as flashing lights, sharp spotlights and coloured string lights. There are multiple market stalls with access to electricity that you can book. Heaters are not allowed.

Your own signage is only allowed by/on your market stall/table. Make sure to keep your market space nice and tidy, the area back of it as well. You are not allowed to bring your own tables, tents, clothing racks or similar.

It’s not allowed to pack up your things and leave before the market closes. If you’re out of products or for some other reason cannot attend both days, you must let us know by sending an e-mail to hagnan@lulea.se before 7:00 am the day it concerns.

The open-air museum Hägnan does not take any responsibility for products left behind or damages to the products that may occur during the weekend.

There will be parking spaces reserved for exhibitors on the staff parking lot behind Kafé Fägnan.

In case of war, natural disasters, strikes etc.
The open-air museum Hägnan has the right to cancel the booking if your market space cannot be provided due to acts of war, natural disasters, labor market conflicts, fires or other similar events that we cannot foresee nor affect. The museum is in that case obliged to pay back the market fee as soon as possible, with deduction for the eventual use you’ve had for your market space.

Documentation through videos and photos
Photos and videos from the event may be used in marketing purposes by Luleå Municipality and for spreading information about the market and future events. If you want a photo or video deleted, contact Luleå Municipality by sending an e-mail to lulea.kommun@lulea.se or phone +46 920 45 30 00.

For upcoming markets
When completing the reservation, you agree to be contacted before upcoming markets. Please notify us at hagnan@lulea.se if you wish to be removed from the send list.