Traditional candle making

”- An activity of fire and flames!”

Do you want to make your own personal Christmas candle, and at the same time learn more about the tradition of candle making? Good! Then you should come to us and try your hand at candle making in the beautiful and historic Peri-Hanschagården.

As the candles grow, our guide tells about how they did it in the past. In the old farming community, candle-making was an important and obvious part of Christmas preparations. The work to develop new candles created a Christmas atmosphere and spread light and hope during the dark season.

It is said, according to folklore, that you can see on the candles how the person who made them feel. Those who cast calmly and harmoniously will get a candle that burns with a clear flame. On the other hand, those who casts and are depressed gets a candle that runs. So you’ll see what your candle has to say about you!

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