Wise mother Hulda

”A drama that cures everything”

Folklore and folk remedies. You’ll get a big dose of that when you visit wise mother Hulda in her little croft. Join us on an exciting experience that can cure everything from a toothache, sick cows and lovesickness.

Here you will meet Hulda who is widely known for her wisdom. Toothaches, warts and aches of all kinds are just some of the ailments she can cure. But not only that. She can also solve lovesickness, cure sick cows, and even look into the future.

The rumour is that Hulda cured her ''fjärsman'' (similar to an English sheriff) of back spasms. So you understand how popular she is and why many people are lining up to get help from her!

You’ll learn more about old-time folklore and folk medicine. You will get an insight into local traditions and holidays, the power of faith and people’s vulnerability in difficult times long before the penicillin and the arrival of modern medical knowledge.

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