Experience autumn in Gammelstad

The air is cooler, the area is calmer and there's a lovely change of colors from intense greens to bright yellows, orange and reds when we go from summer to autumn. Even though the high season is over - Gammelstad still has a lot to offer all year round. Not least during the beautiful autumn months. Here are four great tips on what you can do in Gammelstad during September to November - either on your own, with a good friend or with family and children

Book a guided tour or rent our audioguide
Are you curious about the history of Gammelstad? Then a guided tour might be something for you. The Visitor Center offers guided tours throughout year. It is easy to book on our website. During the tour, you will be taken on a walk through the church town and learn exciting details about the church and the church cottages, as well as the church town tradition, how people lived here and why Gammelstad was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. A visit to a church cottage is of course included, and if it is possible we will also take a look inside the beautiful church.

For those who prefer to discover the church town on their own, there is also the option of renting an audio guide from the Visitor Center. You will find Visitor Center in the old chapel by the church square (Kyrktorget).

Enjoy the calm enviorment at the open-air museum Hägnan
The open-air museum Hägnan is the perfect destination for children, but also for those who want to escape the noise of the city for a while and enjoy rural tranquility. The museum buildings, the country store and the hayloft are closed during autumn, but there is still plenty to enjoy here. Like playing hide and seek among the farmsteads, visiting the sheep and picking berries at the edge of the forest and much more. At Hägnan there are fireplaces and firewood for the public to use for free. You can easily grill sausages or just warm yourself by the fire.

Psst! Now you can also get a digital guided tour of some of the historical buildings at Hägnan directly in your cell phone. Scan the QR-code outside of Storgården (the large farmhouse), Peri-Hanscha, The Old Village Shop, The Crofters Cottage, The Loft House, The Log Cabin for food storage and The Privy when you visit, to learn more about their exciting history.

Go on a hike around Mattisberget
Autumn is the best time for cozy hikes in the forest, and luckily there happens to be a lovely forest right next to Gammelstad. Mattisberget offers several pleasant hiking tracks of different lengths, for beginners and for those who want a good workout. The forest is only a short walk from the village and it is perfect to combine with a visit to the church town. Bring proper shoes, pack a thermos of coffee and soak up the scents of autumn in the forest. Tip! Bring a basket for lingonberry picking.

Visit Gammelstad during All Saint's Day
At the end of October/beginning of November it is really dark outside, but in Gammelstad candles burn all over the cemetery on All Saints' Day. Take an evening walk to admire the lights and lanterns that are lit on the graves in connection with the holiday. It is a magical experience whether you yourself have someone you want to remember and honor a little extra, or not.

Text: Emelie Rubensson