Gammelstad logo

You who operate in Gammelstad's church town and together with us want to strengthen the place's identity can use either of these two logos as a complement to your own. The logos are available in two versions and all versions are available in the colors black-red, white, black and white-red.

The logo ”a part of Gammelstad” without the UNESCO mark can be used by both commercial and non-commercial actors within the destination of Gammelstad's church town. The logo may be used in positive contexts linked to world heritage. No special permission is required for this.

The logo ”a part of Gammelstad” with the Unesco mark can be used by all actors that are identified in the world heritage management plan as owners, managers and non-commercial stakeholders. Each actor must have its own permission from Unesco for this. This is coordinated by the World Heritage Coordinator at the request of the applicant actor.

Download the logos