Welcome to the World Heritage Site Gammelstad Church Town and the Open-air Museum Hägnan

Gammelstad Church Town is the largest and most well-preserved church town in the world. Here you will find a medieval stone church, surrounded by hundreds of small red church cottages. Located next door is the open-air museum Hägnan with its old, wooden structures typical for the north of Sweden. And lots of activities all year round.

This is also the place where Luleå town once was founded in the 17th Century and the area grew, from a small church and trading place into a real city. When Luleå town was relocated to it's current location, due to the landrising the area became known as Gammelstad, which means old town – a name that lives on even today.

UNESCO added Gammelstad Church Town to the World Heritage list in 1996. The church town and it's unique surroundings is therefore valued invaluable to humankind – and must be preserved for future generations. If you do not know why, you will after your visit!

History Gammelstad church town

History the open-air museum Hägnan