The open-air museum Hägnan

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Located next door to the church town is the open-air museum Hägnan, that displays life on the countryside in the North of Sweden from the late 18th Century to the 1940s.The open-air museum Hägnan has a lot to offer for visitors of all ages. From the middle of June to the middle of August the museum farmsteads are open to public and the calendar is packed with exciting events.

During the winter season the farmsteads are closed, except for when there are specific events and pre-booked activities. The outdoor area is open all year round. Some of the larger farmsteads and outbuildings are marked with a QR-code that you can scan if you want to learn more about the buildings digitally.

Activities for children

Hägnan offers bookable group activities with different themes for school classes on set dates. For more information e-mail During the summer season (mid June to mid August) the outdoor area by the Peri-Hanscha farmstead becomes our play and learning environment for children. Here we have a small village shop, a cowshed and a barn for hay jumping to play in.

Group activities

The open-air museum Hägnan has a wide range of activities for groups of various sizes to select between. Send in your booking request by e-mailing Hägnan only offers activities in Swedish and in English.

Here you can read more about our activities and events at the open-air museum Hägnan and in Gammelstad Church Town.

The buildings at Hägnan

Hägnan consists of approximately 50 buildings, of which 30 are cultural-historical buildings.The buildings have been moved to the area from various locations in Norrbotten county to display a typical “line village”.

Explore Hägnan digitally

For those of you that are visiting in the winter or don't have the opportunity to visit the museum physically, you now have the possibility to explore the buildings at Hägnan digitally. Some of the farmsteads and outbuildings are marked with a QR-code that you can scan to learn more about their history.

You can also watch them here:
Discover Hägnan digitally