Celebrate the National Day of Sweden

When: Thursday June 6th.
Where: The open-air museum Hägnan.
Time: 11:30 am-2:30 pm.
Entry: Free entry.
Please note that the National Day parade starts at the church square.

Come and celebrate the National Day of Sweden with us at the open-air museum Hägnan! On the program we have a National Day parade, music performances, dance performances and a lot of other fun activities for the entire family.

Program on stage

11:30 am - The National Day parade (starts from the church square).
11:45 am - Music performance by the brass band Blåsningen.
12:00 pm - Summer songs by the choir Lyran.
12:40 pm - Sing-along, the National Anthem of Sweden.
12:45 pm - Distribution of Sigrid Godrådas encouragement diploma.
12:50 pm - Folk dance performance by Luleå Hembygdsgille.
1:10 pm - Folk music performance by Luleå Hembygdsgille.
1:35 pm - Homemade crafts on the catwalk by Norrbottens läns hemslöjdsförening.
1:55 pm - Dance performance by Luleå Bugg & Swing and Heedman Dance Comany.

On the area

  • The large farmhouse, the country store and Kafé Fägnan are open.
  • Freshly baked bread for sale at the Peri-Hanscha farmhouse.
  • Display of arts and craft and a small market on the yard.
  • Watch when the animals are fed 1 pm-1:15 pm. We gather at the sheepfold.

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6 June 2024 11.30


Free entry sek/person