Gammelstad's bay

Gammelstad's bay is one of the county's absolute finest places for bird-watching, especially during the spring. There are also lots of trails and facilities for outdoor activities.

The name of the reserve reminds us that the lake once used to be a bay. This was the entrence to the harbor in Luleå Old Town (now Gammelstad). Due to the land elevation the bay has turned into a lake. Luleå city was moved in 1649 to its current location, closer to the sea, and got a new harbour. The site of the old harbor is passed when walking from the open-air museum Hägnan into the reserve.

At the area you have trails, fireplaces, a bird tower, outhouses and information. Bring your binoculars and a lunch bag and discover one of Luleå's gems!

From the parking lot by the open-air museum Hägnan the trail starts. It is marked with an information sign.

The birds favorite
Every year, around 80 different bird species nest in the Gammelstad's bay, and even more rest here during spring time. It is the shallow, nutrient lake with surrounding wetlands and forests that attracts the birds. Over the years, over 200 different bird species have been observed here.

Please remember that littering, damaging the nature or nature life is not permitted. Take care of our nature!