The 5 best photo spots in Gammelstad

The top 5 best photo spots in Gammelstad

Among the picturesque buildings in Gammelstad's church town, it's easy to take a good picture in whichever direction you turn.The medieval church, the crooked little alleys and the historic environment offer many picturefriendly enviromnments - with a few places that stand out a little extra. Pack your camera, come to Gammelstad and don't miss these five spots if you want to take really nice photos.

By Linellgränd and Davidsgränd

Diagonally in front of the church tower, across Framlänningsvägen, you will find one of the church town's finest views for photography. Find your way among the cottages and there you will find a place with a view of both cottage roofs and the beautiful church tower. The place invites you to take beautiful pictures regardless of the weather, time of day or season.

Among the cottages by Jordbrogränd

A little further down along Framlänningsvägen is Jordbrogränd, a crooked little street. Here the cottages stand on a slope below the church, and you can get really nice close ups of two chambered cottages as well as an overall pictures of both the cottages and the bell tower.

The middle class neighborhoods by Häradsvägen

In the old middle class block bellow the church square there are a few houses and buildings that separates from the simpler cottages. This was mainly home to merchants and other wealthy citizens who lived here all year round. It was also here that the city of Luleå was founded in 1621 - before the rising of the land forced the entire city to move to the place where it is today. Walk along Häradsvägen and the parallel street Apoteksvägen, and you can not resist to take photos in this beautiful environment.

Front seat at Gamla Bodenvägen

Just where Gamla Bodenvägen turns you will find the best place to take a picture of the beautiful church tower. If you go here you will get the front seat by the tower. It is impossible to not get at good picture her.

Take a gaze at Gamla Hamngatan

The most classic spot and the most photografed view. Gamla Hamngatan is fotogenique at all directions, but especially against the church square. For the perfect spot go down the road about 100 meters, turn around against the church and there you have it.

Visit Visitor Center for maps and more information

Can't get enough of photographing the beautiful environments in Gammelstad's church town? Drop by the Visitor Center, located in the old chapel in the middle of the church square. Here you can get even more tips on really good photo spots, and we can help you download a map of the church town so you can easily navigate your way around the crooked neighborhoods.

Text: Emelie Rubensson