Sheep have always been important for their meat, milk, hides and wool. Sheep are sheared twice a year and the wool is then used to spin thread and weave fabric. The wool is a little greasy and therefore water-repellent and very warm.

The thick wool makes the sheep very hardy and the sheepfold was often a simple uninsulated building that only provided protection from wind, sun and wet. Sheep and goats were kept in the forest and intermediate areas as well as in the archipelago and they were grazed on outlying land and forest pastures. In the archipelago, it was common for the animals to graze freely on the islands in the summer.

Helsinge, Gute and Dala päls are common native breeds of sheep. Sheep are very sociable animals that do not thrive alone.

Please note that most of the animals are only present from late June to mid August. Only the sheep live at Hägnan all year round.

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