The Country Store

Welcome to our popular country store! On our shelves you will find an exciting mix of household utensils, handicrafts, toys, textiles, souvenirs and sweets, among other things. Perfect gifts for a friend, or to yourself.

The country shop is a time capsuleof the 1940s. It is designed to reflect what a country store might have looked like in the period following the First World War, when the shopkeeper made a bit of extra money during the subsequent economic depression.

This is before World War II, with its goods shortages and ration cards. The building itself was built in the early 19th century and the glass veranda was added in 1907, when exterior cladding was also installed over the timber frame.

The building is the only one to break with the prevailing orientation of the village’s structures. It faces the customers and the village road, while all the other buildings face towards the church.

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