Fjäll mountain cow

For a long time, the Fjäll was the most common breed of cattle in northern Sweden since it is able to withstand cold and does need as much food as other breeds of cattle. The Fjäll is smaller in size than the commercial breeds and provides less milk, but in return the milk has a higher fat content and is particularly well suited for making cheese.

All chores related to animal husbandry were strictly divided up between men and women. Looking after the cows and the barn was one of the woman’s responsibilities while the horse, for example, was the responsibility of the man.

The Fjäll is one of the endangered domestic animal breeds for which the Swedish Board of Agriculture pays special compensation for its conservation. Today, around 600 Fjäll cows are milked in Sweden and the breed is considered to be intelligent, lively and friendly.

Please note that most of the animals are only present from late June to mid August. Only the sheep live at Hägnan all year round.

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