Combined guided tour of Gammelstad Church Town and the open-air museum Hägnan

”A lovely combo”

Do you want to know more about the largest and most well-preserved church town in the world? Are you also in the mood for experience Hägnan’s traditional, inspiring environment with buildings from past centuries? Gammelstad has a lot to pride itself on, and sometimes one doesn’t want to choose just one activity. Therefore we offer this popular combo tour.

The guided tour starts at the Visitor Centre, in the church town. Here you can really feel the history as we wander the narrow alleys, visit a church cottage and peek into the stately medieval church (with reservation for church services). During the walk you will learn more about what it was like in Gammelstad in the past, how the church town is used today and why the area is a World Heritage Site that is important to preserve for the future.

After that we walk to Hägnan, where you will learn what life was like in the peasant community a long time ago. We visit museum farms that tell us about different living conditions a prosperous farmstead from the 1880s and a simple croft from the 1780s. You will learn more about the people who lived and worked here and what they believed in. In addition, you will have the opportunity to listen to fascinating stories about the museum’s various buildings and their functions.

Doesn’t that sound interesting? We are looking forward welcoming you here!

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Friluftsmuseet Hägnan