Guided tour of the open-air museum Hägnan

Travel back in time to the old peasant society in Luleå Parish! During the guided tour of the open-air museum Hägnan you get to visit two farmhouses that display different living conditions - life in a wealthy farmhouse in the 1880s and life in the Peri-Hanscha farmhouse in the 1920s.

During the tour, you will learn more about the buildings at the museum and their functions, including why the raised storehouse was viewed as the farm's treasure chest and how the stable was linked to masculinity. You will also learn more about the old diet and the large farmhouse's journey from a small semi-detached cottage to a magnificent Norrbottensgård.

Send in a booking request under "Group bookings" or e-mail Hägnan at and we'll get back to you with a price offer. We offer the tour in Swedish and in English. The guided tour takes approx. 60 minutes.

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Friluftsmuseet Hägnan