Guided tour of the open-air museum Hägnan

- Travel back in time to the old peasant society!

Join us on an exciting and educational journey back in time! Here you get to know what life in the farming community could look like a long time ago in Luleå parish.

During the tour, we visit two museum homesteads that display different living conditions - a wealthy farmhouse from the 1880s and the Peri-Hanscha farm with interior from the 1920s. We have different themes every week. Come and learn more about how a house interrogation by the priest went, how name days were celebrated or what games they played in the old days.

New theme every week:
V. 25 Midsummer
V. 26 House Examination
V. 27 Mowing and harvesting grain
V. 28 Old games
V. 29 Name days celebration
V. 30 Food and trade
V. 31 Fishing and hunting
V. 32 The school in the past

During the tour, you will learn more about the museum's cultural-historical buildings and their function – including why the herb was counted as the farm's treasure chest and how the stable was linked to masculinity. We also tell you about the old-time diet and about Storgården's journey from a small semi-detached cottage to a magnificent Norrbottensgård.Click here to book

We also do private tours for larger groups. Please note that the price differs from the price for our drop-in tours. Click here for more information on our private tours and for sending a booking request

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50 sek/person