Guided tour of the open-air museum Hägnan

- A time travel back to the old peasant society!

Join us on an exciting and educational journey back in time! Here you get to know what life in the farming community could look like a long time ago in Luleå parish.

During the guided tour, we visit two museum farms that tell us something about different living conditions a prosperous farmstead from the 1880s and a simple croft in the 1780s. You’ll learn more about the people who lived and worked here, such as how they lived, what they lived from, and what they believed in.

During the tour, you will also listen to fascinating stories about the museum’s cultural-historical buildings and their function including why the shelter was regarded as the farm’s treasure chest and how the stable was linked to masculinity. We also talk about the old-fashioned diet and nutrition, and about Storgården’s journey from a small couple’s cottage to a magnificent Norrbottensgård. And last but not least, you will finally find out why it was thought that toothache could be cured with the help of nails!

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Friluftsmuseet Hägnan