Video tours of Hägnans buildings

Welcome to our digital video guides

Here you can enter seven of our buildings, at any time. Click on any movie to play it!

The privy as a gathering place

Why was the outhouse called a secret house and what is a but stick? Watch our dramatized tour of the big farms privy and find out.

Generational living in the big farmhouse Storgården

Three generations live in the big farmhouse in the 1890s, but the housewife is perhaps not completely satisfied with the arrangement. Welcome in!

The village shop after the war

In the village shop, rationing of food and supplies is still in effect after the war. But surrogate coffee exists, you just have to get used to the taste. Follow the merchant in!

The purpose of the loft house

The entrance to Storgården is through the loft house, where the stable, storage and workshop are located. Listen to the farmer who is very proud of his buildings!

Electricity is installed at the Peri-Hanscha farm

In the 1920s farm Peri-Hanscha, they have modernized with both an iron stove and electricity. Join housewife Emma on a tour.

A visit to the wise woman in the crofters cottage

Hulda is a wise old woman who lives in a 1790s croft. Come in for both stories and remedies.

Steal a taste of the storages treats

Bread, apples, sausages and other goodies were stored in the building during the year. Follow grandmother in and see for yourself!